We are happy to support an initiative or activitiy that goes hand in hand with our core values. We carry sports, health, environment and diversity extra close to heart. The goal with our contribution is to support healthy, equal and sustainable development.

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For society and future generations

It is important that our sponsorship follows our company values. In our daily operations, we act responsibly for employees, customers, suppliers and environment. With sponsorship to clubs and associations, we also take our responsibility for society and future generations. In addition to sports, health, environment and diversity, we also raise the issue of an equal society. Our grants are distributed in an equal way, for equal development. We do not sponsor activities that go against our values ​​or that may be perceived as unethical. Applications sent through this website form are processed continuously. To show how our sponsorship makes a positive difference, we reserve the right to share it on our social media channels. Welcome with your application!

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