William Aspebo interview


Logistics manager William
makes sure everything flows

William Aspebo, logistics and project manager at Titan, changed industry when he left the mining industry after ten years. His previous professional roles as a mechanic, foreman, project manager and site manager made him interesting for Titan. 

  • Titan contacted me when they were looking for a logistics manager. In that moment I was in the middle of another recruiting process, but the very straight forward offer from Titan made them my first choice.

According to William, logistics is something absolutely necessary. Although construction sites look different, there is a common thread and that is planning and structure. In the middle of this is where we find him.

  •  Keeping track of logistics is a must, regardless of the type of construction project in question. Through logistics, we plan and enable the movement of both materials and people. Our work is a prerequisite for thousands of people to be able to stay at their workplace every day. In a safe and efficient way. Everything that is temporary on a site, such as roads and signage, is my responsibility. In order for all elements of a construction process to flow, the logistics are simply required.

Williams’ role includes planning, coordinating and following up on the current project he is currently responsible for. Right now, the construction of a new data center takes up most of his time.

  • The most interesting part of my job, but also the biggest challenge, is getting everyone involved to strive in the same direction. I am part of the team that ensures that the communication between different parties works as it should. It’s satisfying to see how a very large number of people, with different tasks, work towards the same goal. Also that customers and employees have the same vision.

He likes Norrbotten, both work and life wise. He describes the great benefits of working in a region that is calm, safe but also varied. And the relationship with colleagues and employers is something he values.

  •  I have lived in Norrbotten for 30 years. This is my place to be. The fascination is our four seasons, the outdoor life and the closeness to both the city and the tranquility. It’s exciting to see how Norrbotten’s labor market grows and that there are jobs in abundance. And working at Titan is amazing. The roles within the company are clear without being hierarchical. I can always talk to my superiors, completely spontaneously. I like our great atmosphere. Easygoing and structured at the same time. When it comes to decision making, you know who’s responsible. The experience of working with companies and people from all over the world is very enriching. Different nationalities and languages ​​have not only improved my English, but have also given me completely new perspectives and insights.